Julie on a camel

About Jules of Morocco

Jules of Morocco was founded when Julie Olson moved to Morocco and discovered the exquisite traditional hand woven fabric that is found only in Morocco. She began designing clothes inspired by the unique draping qualities of this supple fabric. The local expatriot community of Rabat started buying her designs at such a rate that Julie knew she had to find a larger factory to work with; it was in 1985 that she started working with her factory in Marrakech.

Our mission then and now is to transform how women feel about themselves by clothing them in designs that inherently compliment a woman's figure.

The Story of Sousdi

When Julie moved to Morocco in the early 1980s, she found not only a countryside that resonated with her, she also found the fabric of her dreams.

The ancient art of this woven cotton ramie has been practiced for centuries in Essaouira, Morocco, draping women from head to toe. Julie wanted to see this beautiful, natural drape brought into contemporary life. Her modern designs now bring to you these fashions of two worlds.

Sousdi has evolved into one of the most durable and flattering fabrics. We recommend dry cleaning, but the garments can also be hand washed or machine washed delicate.